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The parameters of codeInspectorPlugin are as follows:

import { codeInspectorPlugin } from 'code-inspector-plugin';

const options = {
  bundler: 'vite',


interface CodeInspectorOptins {
  bunlder: 'vite' | 'webpack' | 'rspack';
  // For other keys, see the instructions below...


  • Required
  • Type: string, options: vite / webpack / rspack
  • Description: specify your bundler


  • Optional. Default value is ['altKey', 'shiftKey']
  • Type: false or string[]. When the type is string[], the optional values for array items are: ctrlKeyaltKeymetaKeyshiftKey.
  • Description: The combination of keys that trigger the functionality. Set to false or [] to disable the combination key triggering. (ctrlKey corresponds to the control key on Mac; altKey corresponds to the option key on Mac; metaKey corresponds to the command key on Mac)


  • Optional. Default value is false
  • Type: boolean
  • Description: Whether to display a switch on the page to control the source code positioning feature. When the switch is on, the effect is the same as holding down the combination keys. (it is more recommended to use the combination key triggering feature).


  • Optional. Default value is true
  • Type: boolean
  • Description: When configured with showSwitch: true, autoToggle: true, after triggering the functionality and switching to the IDE, the switch functionality will be automatically turned off to prevent the user from accidentally triggering the functionality by clicking after switching back to the page.

behavior 0.7.0+

  • Optional. Specifies the behavior triggered by the plugin functionality.
  • The type and description are as follows:
    type Behavior = {
       * Enables the feature to jump to IDE to locate code by clicking (default is true).
      locate?: boolean;
       * Enables the feature to copy the source code position information by clicking (default is true).
       * You can also set a string and specify the information format to copy using the {file}, {line}, {column} templates.
       * The default value of true is equivalent to the "{file}:{line}:{column}" string format.
      copy?: boolean | string;


  • Optional. Default value is undefined
  • Type: string | undefined, options: atom / code / code_insiders / idea / phpstorm / pycharm / webstorm / hbuilder
  • Description: The plugin will automatically recognize the IDE running on the current system. When this option is set, it will open the specified IDE (for specifying IDE, it is more recommended to use the method in the Specify IDE section).

injectTo 0.5.0+

  • Optional.
  • Type: string
  • Description: A file used for injecting client code related to DOM filtering and click navigation in VSCode. The file must be an absolute path and end with .js/.ts/.mjs/.mts/.jsx/.tsx.(typically used for specifying a client-side file in SSR projects).

dev 0.5.0+

  • Optional
  • Type: boolean | (() => boolean)
  • Description: Customize the determination logic for the development environment. (The plugin internally recognizes the development environment to make the plugin effective. If automatic recognition fails, manual specification is required.)

enforcePre 0.4.0+

  • Optional(Only effective for webpack/rspack). Default value is true
  • Type: boolean
  • Description: Whether to add enforce: 'pre' during the transformation, default value is true. (If this plugin causes eslint-plugin validation errors or duplicate ESLint validation during hot updates, set this option to false)

match 0.5.0+

  • Optional. Used to improve compilation performance.
  • Type: RegExp
  • Description: Only files that match the match regular expression will undergo source code location compilation to reduce the involvement of invalid files in compilation. Default is /\.(vue|jsx|tsx|js|ts|mjs|mts)$/.

pathFormat 0.8.0+

It is recommended to define this feature in .env.local using CODE_INSPECTOR_FORMAT_PATH during team collaboration to avoid affecting others.

  • Optional
  • Type: string | string[]
  • Description: Specifies the command format when opening IDE files. The default value is {file}:{line}:{column}, where {file}, {line}, and {column} are dynamically replaced templates. For example, if the source code file is /root/my-project/index.ts and it is located at line 5, column 11, the default command executed by VSCode would be code -g /root/my-project/index.ts:5:11. If you want to only locate the corresponding file without specific line and column, and add the /Users parameter at the beginning of the file, you should set this value to "/Users{file}". If you want to add additional parameters for VSCode to open in a new window, set this value to ["-n", "/Users{file}"].

openIn 0.8.0+

  • Optional
  • Type: 'reuse' | 'new'
  • Description: Specifies the way to open the IDE window. By default, it will automatically reuse the current window. Passing reuse will reuse the current window; passing new will open a new window.

needEnvInspector deprecated

  • Optional. Default value is false
  • Type: boolean
  • Description: This configuration can be ignored for most users. When set to true, the plugin functionality will only take effect when the .env.local file exists and it contains CODE_INSPECTOR=true. (Mainly to address the need of some team members who do not want to use the plugin functionality)


  • Optional. Default value is false
  • Type: boolean
  • Description: By default, the code-inspector-plugin will print a line of hotKeys prompts on the console when the project is first launched. Set this to 'true' to disable printing

forceInjectCache deprecated

  • Optional (Effective only for webpack/rspack). Used to improve compilation performance.
  • Type: boolean
  • Description: Forcefully set the caching strategy for the injection loader of the interaction logic in webpack/rspack; when true, fully cache; when false, do not cache; if not set, automatically determine to cache only the entry file and not cache other files. (Setting this to true may lead to failure in locating code requests caused by the inability to start the node server. Use with caution.) After upgrading to version 0.5.1, the cache strategy has been optimized, and it is no longer necessary to set this field.

Hooks 0.10.0+

  • Optional. Default value is null.
  • Type is as follows:
    type SourceInfo = {
      file: string;
      line: number;
      column: number;
    type Hooks = {
       * Hook function after the server-side receives a request for locating DOM source code
      afterInspectRequest?: (
        options: CodeInspectorOptions,
        source: SourceInfo
      ) => void;
    // Example
      bundler: 'vite',
      hooks: {
        afterInspectRequest: (options, source) => {
  • Description: Sets callbacks for certain lifecycle hooks of code-inspector-plugin.

escapeTags 0.11.0+

  • Optional.
  • Type: (string | RegExp)[]
  • Description: Tags that match the above array will not inject the data-insp-path attribute during compilation, to address alerting issues in certain scenarios.

hideDomPathAttr 0.12.0+

  • Optional
  • Type: boolean. Default value is false
  • Description: Whether to hide the data-insp-path attribute on DOM elements.

ip 0.13.0+

  • Optional
  • Type: boolean | string. Default value is false.
  • Description: Whether to send requests to the node server via IP address. When set to false (default), requests are sent via localhost. When set to true, the local IP is automatically detected and used to send requests. When specified as a string type, requests are sent using the specified value.

importClient 0.14.1+

  • Optional
  • Type: string. Default value is file
  • Description: Method for importing client interaction code: file to import the file containing the interaction code; code to directly inject the interaction code into the page.